WELA Organic Health Bar is a destination for casual, seasonal, fresh food. We believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it’s prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the spirit and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment. That’s why we try to cook everything from scratch and reduce our carbon footprints wherever we can. More importantly, we reinvent our menu constantly because we want to prove that healthy food can be fun!

Our mission is to inspire a healthier community by connecting people to real food. We know that WELA is a critical link between growers and consumers, and we feel a responsibility to protect the future of real food. To that end, we’re committed to supporting growers who are farming sustainably and to creating transparency around what’s in your food and where it came from.

WELA at the Lonsdale Quay Market is our very first stride to creating a more accessible, more variety, more healthy food for more people. We will tailor our approach in each market to reflect the needs of the community as we learn and grow from one location to another.